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An Obama-nation

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The MS13 gang is one of the deadliest gangs in the US and is growing around the world.  Founded in the illegal immigrant sanctuary city of Los Angeles the Hispanic gang’s membership has grown almost unchecked as it has spread to other major cities in the US and other countries.  In recent years ICE has gotten  involved but not nearly at the level required to suppress its spread.  Why are violent gangs such as MS13  not classified as terrorist organizations? 

Its in part due to an unwillingness to address the growing illegal immigration issue.   Don’t expect the weak response from the federal, state and liberal city governments to end soon.  Last week presidential hopeful Barack Obama raised eyebrows and irritation from many middle class Americans hard hit by illegal immigration as  he spoke at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).   In a sign that Obama doesn’t see the flood of immigrants slowing he stated that US children should learn to speak Spanish – even though his campaign signs were all written in English at the LULAC event.

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