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Thanks, America – You Just Cost Me $223 to $1601 a Year…

200022054-002 It’s a little late, but I found this article on WalletPop that tries to summarize what a McCain or Obama Presidency could mean to your taxes.  And while for the Middle Class, both candidates’ tax plans actually show a decrease in income taxes, the results of last night’s election could have made our bottom line a bit better.

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McCainiacs Unite!



McCaniacs Unite! zzzzzzzz.  I said McCaniacs Unite! zzzzzzz.

Will someone please send the one reporter covering the Republican candidate down to the Congressional retirement home and wake Grandpa McCain from his nap?   Tell him its time for his JELLO and Hogan’s Heros.  After that the school kids from Obama’s district will be here and they would like to hear another war story. 

Then I’d like to have a quick word with him about the sorry campaign he’s running.   It appears that Grandpa John is taking a note from the Guiliani non-campaign campaign in the Republican primary.   Rudy expected to win because he was America’s mayor and that spoke for itself.   Grandpa John seems to be expecting to win because he’s not Obama and he’s a war hero and that speaks for itself.

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