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$41.8 Million to Let You Know the Check’s in the Mail

Head in MailIn another wise move, the IRS has sent out notices to 130 million taxpayers, about their share of the $168 billion stimulus package passed by Congress earlier this year.  But doing so cost you, the taxpayers, another $41.8 Million.  TheMiddleClassBlog.com got their notice today!  Keep reading to find out what it said! Continue reading


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50% of Taxpayers pay 97% of All Taxes

Empty PocketHow much in taxes do you pay in a year to the Federal government?  Probably more than your fair share.

According to the IRS (www.irs.gov), the top 50% of taxpayers pay nearly 97%  of all the revenue brought in by the income tax.  Does that seem fair to you?  I’ll have to do some more digging, but I’d bet that the top 50% of taxpayers don’t necessarily utilize 97% of all Federal services… Continue reading

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