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Gas Stations Benefit from Lower Gas Prices

83467069 Conventional wisdom is says the higher the price of something, the more of a profit one should make off of it, right?  Well, in the case of gasoline, that’s just not so.  According to USA Today (via Wallet Pop)…

“Guess what? They’re making substantially more money at $1.89 (a gallon) than they were at $4.29,” says OPIS chief oil analyst Tom Kloza.

So how come people aren’t screaming at the oil companies now?  Because most people are stupid…

(Read the article in it’s entirety here)


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Are Hybrids Worth It?

PriusThe price for a barrel of oil is now north of $105 a barrel, which will inevitably mean higher prices at the pump.  To help alleviate the burden of $4.00 per gallon gas, automobiles with higher fuel millage are definitely more attractive.  Automakers are understanding the trend, and are producing an ever-expanding array of so-called “green” cars.  But to increase your gas sipping ability using the power of the electron, you’re going to have to pay more up-front… Continue reading

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