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The Obamanation Goes Gaga Over .09%

The news that AIG is planning to shell out $165 Million in “bonuses” is driving both sides of the isle in to a feeding frenzy.  The Prez is demanding the bonuses be stopped by any means necessary.  Republicans and Democrats both are threating legal (and even bodily harm) to the AIG employees who refuse to give up the extra cash.  But I just have one question – “what’s the big friggen deal?”

Take a look at the numbers – $165 Million.  Yes that’s a big number, but its less than one tenth of one percent (.09%) of the overall bailout loan us taxpayers invested ($173 Billion).   Given The Prez’s penchant for spending money, and Congress’ exuberence for earmarks, which total a heck of a lot more than the “meare pittance” given AIG – shouldn’t the American taxpayer be more upset with the government?


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1 Trillion Dollars

So what exactly does $1 Trillion look like?  For the common person, it’s hard to visualize.  But fortunately, there are computers – and they’re really good with numbers – and visualizing.  So take a look at what Google SketchUp, and a site called, visualized for us (after the jump)…

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Biden’s Task Force Delta

Sent to prison the White House by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit, these men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground D.C. Beltway.  Today, still wanted by working for the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.  If you have a problem – If no one else can help – and if you can find them – maybe you can hire the A-Team Middle Class Task Force.

So far, the only thing Joey’s crack team of specialists have done is met in Philadelphia and spewed some platitudes about “green jobs” (what ever that is).  And looking at the website, all I can make out is that “A Strong Middle Class = A Strong America”.  But take a look at the website and and decide for yourself…

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Crisis of Credit Visualized

Here’s a bit of animation that tries to explain just how the US got into this financial mess.  It’s a pretty simplistic, if not completely accurate, lesson.  Some omissions include the government’s role in pushing sub-prime (aka Risky) mortgages onto the market… But overall, a nice “Economic Crisis for Dummies” lecture.

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Another Plug for AlphaInventions.Com

blog_logo It’s been over two months now since I first posted about Cheru Jackson, and his blogging tool,  Because of his nifty little tool, our readership soared from roughly 20 visits a day, to an incredible 200 visits a day (that’s ten times for those of you still figuring out how to do simple math, which from the looks of the economy, is about everyone in the finance world)!

I just wanted to mention it again, so I can shamelessly get the hits to this site up even more!  Thanks again, Cheru – keep up the good work!


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Middle Class Hero – Bill Balsamico

image002North Versailles, restaurateur, Bill Balsamico, has been in business for quite some time.  But lately, his restaurant has been getting attention not for it’s meatballs, but for his opinions.

The owner has used the power of the sign to express his political views for some time now.  The messages are poignant, direct, and sometimes, offensive.  But to the “common man” (and woman) they make a whole lot of sense.  Check out his stance on the the latest bailout (see above), and check out his opinions about everything from immigration, to the recent election at

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Sometimes Being Rich Is Silly

Picture_1_06 As a middle class American, I’ve always strived to make it to the upper echelons of wealth – to bust free from the my middleclass shackles and experience financial independence to the utmost.  But then I read stories like this and ask myself, “is being rich really all it’s cracked up to be?”

MyCentrl is a $999.99 iPhone App (as opposed to many $.99 apps) that promises those stupid rich enough to fork over nearly a grand a way to “Meet people. Find places. Get deals.”  The developers say MyCentrl is a social networking app, but have very little in detail after that.

So if you have a cool “G” sitting in your pocket, just waiting to be spent on something that may do something, but then again, may not do anything…  Then you’re not middle class, and you shouldn’t be reading this blog!  Oh, and you can purchase the MyCentrl app too. [Found via Gizmodo]

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