You’re average.   Sometimes, that’s not what you want to hear.  But if you’re in the socioeconomic group known as “The Middle Class”, then you’re average.  You make more money than most, less money than some.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes, being average can make you invisible – you blend in against a background of others just like you.  And, even though the Middle Class probably make up most of the population in America, they often get overlooked by those in government for those that are less fortunate, or for those that are hyper-fortunate.

For instance, you’ve heard that the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.  But when’s the last time you heard, “the Middle Class is getting middle-er”?

So join with us in our quest to keep getting middler.  We’ll post stories on here that either highlight our plight, or celebrate our successes!


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  1. Who is dandafler? I believe this is someone using someone elses name to hide behind. This person should be looked into as I know of only one Dan Dafler who did not write those blogs on your site.

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