Another Plug for AlphaInventions.Com

blog_logo It’s been over two months now since I first posted about Cheru Jackson, and his blogging tool,  Because of his nifty little tool, our readership soared from roughly 20 visits a day, to an incredible 200 visits a day (that’s ten times for those of you still figuring out how to do simple math, which from the looks of the economy, is about everyone in the finance world)!

I just wanted to mention it again, so I can shamelessly get the hits to this site up even more!  Thanks again, Cheru – keep up the good work!



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3 responses to “Another Plug for AlphaInventions.Com

  1. Do you find any of the hits resulting in comments or actual readers? Just wondering…

    • Max Power

      While actual replies are low, the mere fact that I’m getting eyeballs on the site is exciting – and worth the shameless plug… I can’t say I’m getting a lot of return visits – but that’s not the fault of – that’s my job by providing interesting content.

      Real or not, it’s all about the traffic. If I can convert just one out of 1000 hits to a regular, repeat visitor, it’s worth the elbow grease and the plug, don’t you think?

  2. yeah but, i wonder: are they “real” hits? are the people actually reading the blog?

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