Sometimes Being Rich Is Silly

Picture_1_06 As a middle class American, I’ve always strived to make it to the upper echelons of wealth – to bust free from the my middleclass shackles and experience financial independence to the utmost.  But then I read stories like this and ask myself, “is being rich really all it’s cracked up to be?”

MyCentrl is a $999.99 iPhone App (as opposed to many $.99 apps) that promises those stupid rich enough to fork over nearly a grand a way to “Meet people. Find places. Get deals.”  The developers say MyCentrl is a social networking app, but have very little in detail after that.

So if you have a cool “G” sitting in your pocket, just waiting to be spent on something that may do something, but then again, may not do anything…  Then you’re not middle class, and you shouldn’t be reading this blog!  Oh, and you can purchase the MyCentrl app too. [Found via Gizmodo]


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