Why Isn’t This Man President?


  Fred Thompson.  Actor, Senator, Presidential Candidate.  For some reason, his down home, folksy attitude didn’t resonate with the voters outside his home state of Tennessee.  But in this commentary, he’s hit the nail right on the head…  Why for the life of me more middle class Americans don’t understand that spending is not the way to be prosperous, and that allowing our government to do so should shame us all…

Warning – Subtle sarcasm contained within.


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One response to “Why Isn’t This Man President?

  1. It seems strange the southern politicians, like Fred Thompson and Ron Paul, made no progress. Probably because they made too much sense. Instead, we have Wall Street up in office. Though I have to admit, Obama is doing a great job of understanding what the people demand. And it is through the power of the internet that his understanding comes. I believe that will create the change we “minions” or “citizens” deserve.

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