McCainiacs Unite!



McCaniacs Unite! zzzzzzzz.  I said McCaniacs Unite! zzzzzzz.

Will someone please send the one reporter covering the Republican candidate down to the Congressional retirement home and wake Grandpa McCain from his nap?   Tell him its time for his JELLO and Hogan’s Heros.  After that the school kids from Obama’s district will be here and they would like to hear another war story. 

Then I’d like to have a quick word with him about the sorry campaign he’s running.   It appears that Grandpa John is taking a note from the Guiliani non-campaign campaign in the Republican primary.   Rudy expected to win because he was America’s mayor and that spoke for itself.   Grandpa John seems to be expecting to win because he’s not Obama and he’s a war hero and that speaks for itself.

I’ll offer some advice to Johnny.  You don’t deserve to be president because you’re a war hero.  You don’t deserve to have media coverage just because BHO gets jiggy with the journalists in Europe.  You don’t deserve to win because you’re not BHO.  Please stop the whining and start focusing on a message and a platform that makes sense to the MiddleClass and unites the Conservatives behind you!  You need  an inspiring vision for the future of America that matches the inspiring war hero story from your past.   Then you have to communicate it clearly with passion and connect with the American people.

For comparison purposes: People are uncomfortable with Obama because he has a sketchy past and its not clear that he has an inspiring vision for American greatness.  He has more of a “one world enviro nazi wealth redistribution” vision for America, but he sure can communicate it.  Communicates it well enough for women to faint in the audience. You can tell he believes every word that comes out of his mouth too.  Its all part of the “Barack-star” image.

You see John you’re trying to take on Obama image versus image.  You’re going to lose.  Obama has an image making machine and he’s smooth as silk.  You’re not.  You have to take this election where he can’t go – directly to the issues that are impacting white middle class voters.   Go ahead and get whatever “*-ist” you want to call me ready but its not me that’s racist.

BHO has no where to go but down in the polls. He’s at entitlement. He has 94% of the black vote and about 70% of the Hispanic vote.  They will vote for him even if he said immediately after taking office he would merge the US with France and raise taxes to 65% because he’s not white and he’ll tell it with a smile.   So that leaves only the white population who are not voting on race but voting issues.  There’s the left anti-war, Bush is Satan, abortion, open borders, Green, wealth redistribution, hate America first crowd that’s going to vote for whatever Democrat  runs even if they have two heads and are from Mars.   Then there is the pro-life, bible belt, elitist gold cuff, anti-tax, fortress America, Hummer driving crowd that’s going to vote for whatever Republican runs even if they have two heads and are from Mars.

So that leaves the 15% of the undecided in the swing states to focus the message on.  Johnny you better figure out how talk to the middle class wedge group that doesn’t take its marching orders from the news media.  They have some tough questions they would like to ask you if you’d wake up long enough.  Just a few things like – what’s your vision of America in 8 years after you have been president?  Will we still import most of our energy? How much will a gallon of milk and gasoline cost me?  Will I be able to send my kid to school?  Will there be any jobs worth having left in America?  How do you plan on balancing the federal budget when we’re printing money like water?  How will you accomplish anything with a Democrat controlled Congress?

As I’ve said before, its not me you have to convince. I’m voting against BHO.  He’s the anti-thesis to what I believe in.   I believe he’ll be a disaster especially with a Democrat controlled Congress that does whatever it wants.    So any time now you can start.  America’s waiting to be inspired by more than a war story.


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