The Vanity Fair Candidate


Source: Vanity Fair July, 2007 Issue

There’s evidence that Barack Obama’s overseas tour may be backfiring.  As Obama and his posse of image makers in the press have been performing photo ops with world leaders in the global hot spots in an effort to bolster his “foreign policy credentials” his poll numbers are slipping.  The Rasmussen daily tracking poll is showing McCain has closed to a tie with Obama. The race has tightened to a 46% to 46% tie despite McCain’s anemic campaign effort. Similarly the Gallup poll is showing Obama’s lead down to 3% where he has held a steady lead prior to his trip.

Obama has refused to answer questions after his meetings, instead saying his campaign (A.K.A. bureau of image management) will release official messages.  Aside from his deer in the headlights look, his splash and dash diplomacy approach has raised the question – Since when did a couple of hours in a foreign country mean that you have foreign policy credentials with the American voters? If that’s the case then we have thousands of people in our Armed forces who are more invested in America’s success and more qualified to be foreign diplomats than Obama. In an indication that the vanity fair candidate’s staged GQ poses have started to fray the nerves of voters the undecided/unsure count has swelled in battleground states  since Obama gained the required delegate count for the Democratic nomination.  In  Ohio McCain has opened a 10 point lead over BHO while BHO’s lead in Michigan has shrunk to 3 points, a statistical dead heat.

Many are viewing this meet and greet as an arrogant, presumptive and naive Senator undermining US foreign policy.  He believes so much that he’s already locked up the nomination he stated that his trip will “give him a head start” once he’s in office.  Obama’s campaign has said part of the goal was to “restore America’s image with the rest of the world damaged by the Bush policies”, showing that style over substance continues to be a cornerstone of the campaign.   I don’t recall the UN being too concerned about restoring its image with the United States after Kofi Anann’s Oil for Food Scandal was exposed.  So why should American’s electing an American president set our Middle East “image” at the top of the agenda?

Making matters worse BHO’s international pop-star tour has been set against the backdrop of several vain attempts to boost celebrity.

1.) The NBC Today Show sophomoric interview where we learned BHO is conservative with his choice of gum flavors – mint.  The interview resulted in a gaff when Obama later said he wished he hadn’t done it. (So do we, it was sickening to watch).

2.) Shooting basketball everywhere he goes.   It’s great that he has a past time.  Whatever takes the attention off of his lack of governing ability and left wing nut policies.

3.) Michelle Obama’s Betty Crocker moment on the View.  Pleeeeease! If you believe that I’ll sell you land in Syria.

4.) Firing back at McCain through Vogue magazine and claiming that its a vast right wing conspiracy lead by Shawn Hannity of Fox because a poll said people don’t like her.  I don’t know about you but Vogue is not my source for political information.

It appears the honeymoon is over.  The swing vote is starting to swing in the wrong direction for Obama.  Like many others I will not vote FOR McCain in November but I will vote AGAINST Obama.  America has been without strong leadership for over 20 years. He needs the office of the President for his image and ego but the Office of the President needs a leader of substance and he’s not it.   I’m standing up against this circus as an American with free will in the only way that has any meaning – voting against it.


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