Not America’s Bud Anymore

crushed bud

Anheuser-Busch has gone from the King of Beers to the king of corporate sell outs.  The 150 year old American company agreed to be bought by Belgium-Brazilian  beverage juggernaut InBev in a deal valued at $79.9 Billion.  In a stunning reversal of public statements from the board Anheuser-Busch decided that every board has its price over the weeked.   A price which richly rewarded the board including 2 seats on the new company board.

Adolphus Busch, started the company with the vision of creating what he called the United States’ first “national beer brand”.  Adolphus is rolling over in his grave as the deal sweeps yet another American industrial icon under the tide of globalization while thrusting it immediately into the ranks of globalist beverage titan.   Facing increasing sales pressure from market dilution brought on by microbrewers the company decided it wants a divorce from the American workers and consumers that built it into what it is today.  In other words, when the competition got tough they cut and run on the ones who took them to the dance.  After Miller Brewing set the tone by being bought out by SAB, a South African company, last year the game has become a go big or go out of business proposition.  This has resulted in increased barriers for smaller American firms trying to compete.

What’s next?  Will Budweiser cans now take the one world view  of Coca-Cola and start cheering for the Olympic athletes of foreign countries by putting foreign country symbols on cans sold in America?  I recall a time when American companies used to back up our own Olympic hopefuls.  I also recall a time when American companies bought foreign companies and didn’t chicken out when things got tough.

Somehow it has become easier for American companies to fold up the tent and sell out to overseas industries instead of fighting for independence and dominance in the market.  Like so many other large company boards who claim to care about shareholders while lining their own pockets, they have put their middle class workers in the hands of foreign companies.  

So I’ll raise a toast to the Anhauser-Busch board before the last call.  Here’s to you corporate elites.  Its the last call for American alcohol and beer enjoy your new houses in Dubai, Belgium and Austria because sell outs like you shouldn’t stay here.


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