An Obama-nation

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The MS13 gang is one of the deadliest gangs in the US and is growing around the world.  Founded in the illegal immigrant sanctuary city of Los Angeles the Hispanic gang’s membership has grown almost unchecked as it has spread to other major cities in the US and other countries.  In recent years ICE has gotten  involved but not nearly at the level required to suppress its spread.  Why are violent gangs such as MS13  not classified as terrorist organizations? 

Its in part due to an unwillingness to address the growing illegal immigration issue.   Don’t expect the weak response from the federal, state and liberal city governments to end soon.  Last week presidential hopeful Barack Obama raised eyebrows and irritation from many middle class Americans hard hit by illegal immigration as  he spoke at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).   In a sign that Obama doesn’t see the flood of immigrants slowing he stated that US children should learn to speak Spanish – even though his campaign signs were all written in English at the LULAC event.

During his speech he demonstrated how he will say anything to be elected by pandering to the crowd of Latinos saying many immigrants have been “arrested for crimes they didn’t commit and thrown in jail by juries they couldn’t serve on.”  With this kind of thinking its not surprising that the Democratic Party continues to push drivers licenses for illegal immigrants and the right to vote for illegals.   The Democratic party continues to force a point of view on Americans that illegal immigrants are the same as legal immigrants.   When Obama says they were “Arrested for crimes they didn’t commit” – does he mean that illegally crossing into the US without declaration isn’t even a crime?   “Thrown in jail by juries they couldn’t serve on”.  What right do they have to serve on a jury anyway?   This right is reserved for citizens of the United States, not guests.

Despite his maneuvers to position himself as a moderate, questions of Obama’s patriotism continue to swirl as many are asking why he is pursuing this line of rhetoric. Polls clearly indicate that Americans want their border secured immediately.  One explanation may be that Obama received the majority of his primary race funds from cities where Hispanic gangs like MS13 operate.  If you look at the states where MS13 has major activity and the map where Obama raised the majority of his money they align.

Does that mean Obama condones violent gangs?  No, but you must understand MS13 is an organized crime syndicate that raises massive amounts of money and has direct influence on how Hispanics will vote in the 2008 election.  This is particularly troubling when you couple this with the clear election fraud in California where illegal immigrants were told they could vote in the 2006 election.   Obama ran as a candidate for change but clearly has no intention of changing the border situation.   A completely uncontrolled border and home grown terrorist organizations like MS13 will continue in his Obama-nation.


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