The Real Deal on Taxes

Capitol Building

You work hard all week long and on Friday you get your check only to find that the government got there first. Federal, State, Local, Social Security, Medicare help themselves before you receive YOUR earnings to buy food, gas and keep a roof over your head.

Do you know how the federal government spends your money? Did you know that the 2008 fiscal year spend is $3.226 trillion? The government left our children a $407 Billion deficit tab to pay also as our liberal Congress continues to pass ever increasing budgets.

The liberal left wants you to think that its all due to military spending.  While its true that the President’s 2009 discretionary spending has risen to $1.182 trillion fighting two wars and increasing homeland security, Congress spent far more on social programs.   Worth noting is that we haven’t had a successful attack in the US by terrorists since 9/11 which might have some correlation to the spending.

The reality is that Congress decided where the other $2 Trillion went. So where does it all go?  Below is the Real Deal on taxes and who drives the spending.

1.) $1.618 Trillion on Social Programs (Congress)
    -$644 Billion on Social Security
    -$409 Billion on Medicare
    -$343 Billion on Income Security (Welfare, Unemployment)
    -$215 Billion on Medicade

2.) $799 Billion on Military and National Security Discretionary (President’s budget). 
    – $189 Billion to fight the war on Terror
    – $96 Billion on non-DOD defense needs
    – Remainder is broken up among the military and National security discretionary to buy equipment and pay the military personnel

3.) $407 Billion deficit borrowing to cover overspending

4.) $358 Billion on Non Military and National Security Discretionary (President’s budget).

5.) $260 Billion on debt interest payments (Required)

6.) $28 Billion on all other things (President’s budget)

If you want to see how others portray the federal budget check it out but be prepared for biased reporting showing that that all of the government is related to military.

The best representation I’ve found so far is on  Still you’ll notice that the graph magnifies the President’s discretionary spending and makes a point that military spending is the major driver.  That only accounts for $1.182 Billion.  At least this site breaks down the income and spending in the lower right hand side and is factual.

However, other left wing sites don’t accurately represent the budget at all.  Instead they leave out the social spending, focus only on the President’s discretionary spending and make you think its the entire federal budget and its all clearly going to the military because of the Bush administration. Its false reporting no matter how you look at it.


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