Your Tax Dollars at Work – Congress’ Free Ride

hummer1 How many of us get, as a perk of employment, the use of a company car?  I don’t, but a perk is a perk, and I would whole heartedly accept a free lease if the place I worked for gave me the option.  But if I owned a company, I don’t think that those that worked for me would ever get that luxury.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never had the opportunity, or maybe it’s because I’m cheap.

Congress, on the other hand, does work for me.  They are my representatives, and they are paid from the tax dollars the government withholds from my paycheck every month.  And guess what?  They get free leases on cars – and here’s the kicker – they get all their gas for free!

From the NY Times:

Modest or more luxurious, the cars are all paid for by taxpayers. The use of a car — gas included — is one of the benefits of being a member of the House of Representatives.

There are few restrictions on what kind of car the members can choose, and there is no limit on how much they can spend. But the benefit can be politically sensitive, given the growing concerns about automobile emissions and an economy that has left many people struggling to pay for the rapidly rising cost of gas, which was averaging $3.63 a gallon nationwide earlier this week.

The Senate, however, does not allow it’s members to use public money for their rides, so Obama, Hillary and McCain are exempted from my ire… This time…


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One response to “Your Tax Dollars at Work – Congress’ Free Ride

  1. Mark Ford

    Gasoline, cars, free and the best hospitalization free along with prescriptions; again free!!!!
    We as taxpayers get the crumbs!!!!!
    I personally have over the years realized that these people are in it for themselves and ONLY for themselves!!!
    Free Gasoline is a small part of the total!!!
    They all want us to conserve while they still fly in large dedicated jets and drive large cars….for once I would want to see them lead the way…not jusrt tell us what we should do!!!!!
    All rules they pass for us should also be for them; then maybe they would really know how we live????

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