$41.8 Million to Let You Know the Check’s in the Mail

Head in MailIn another wise move, the IRS has sent out notices to 130 million taxpayers, about their share of the $168 billion stimulus package passed by Congress earlier this year.  But doing so cost you, the taxpayers, another $41.8 Million.  TheMiddleClassBlog.com got their notice today!  Keep reading to find out what it said!

Here’s what the IRS sent out to the taxpayer (click here IRS Doc).  $42 Million isn’t really a whole lot, when compared to $168 Billion, but it IS a lot more than nothing.  What was the point of notifying people that the check’s in the mail?  Simple.  The government wants you to spend it before you have it.  Its no secret that the reason this stimulus package was passed was to get you and me to spend more.  That’s the meaning of “stimulus”.  But in a world where the total US household debt is over $13 Trillion, shouldn’t that money be used to pay down the debt?  That, of course, is NOT what the government wants you to do. 

Either way, it’s your money to start with (no, really, it is!), so you make the ultimate decision.  Have fun!


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