Pop Quiz – Which One of These Kids can Lower Your Taxes?

Three In One

Which candidate will lower your taxes if elected President?  The answer: D – None of the Above.  But it’s not about their platform or what party they represent, it’s all about the law of the land.

No matter what any Presidential candidate may promise, the hard truth is none of them can lower your taxes.  According to the Constitution, it is Congress’ responsibility for any matters of fiscal policy, including income taxes – technically.

Of course, the President can set the tone for what Congress passes – and if he (or she?) wants to propose raising the tax burden on us, then more likely than not, Congress will comply, especially if they are of the same political persuasion as the Commander In Chief.  But the moral of this story is, if you really want fiscal responsibility, it starts with your Congressman or Senator.  Don’t be taken in by any Presidential candidate that promises lower taxes.  In the end, it’s not really up to them!


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